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What your child will learn:

Communication & Language> Understanding> 22-36 months

  • Developing understanding of simple concepts

C&L> U> 30-50 months

  • Shows understanding of preposition such as 'under', 'on', 'behind' by carrying out an action or selecting correct picture.




  1. Following instructions: In play ask the child to follow instructions containing age appropriate concepts (e.g. “Let’s feed the big bear” or “Drive your car under the table”).
  2. Play games where you take it in turns to hide toys around the room (e.g. “Put the car on the table” or “Hide your teddy behind the couch”).
  3. Hide and Seek: Once you locate the child or they locate you, get them to say where they were hiding (e.g. In the cupboard, under the bed, behind the curtain).