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What your child will be learning:


Personal, Social & Emotional Development> Self Confidence & Self Awareness >30-50>

  • Enjoys responsibility of carrying out a small task.
  • Shows confidence in asking adults for help.


This week give your child a small and manageable task to complete. 

 Some examples could be to;

  • tidy their toys away when they have finished playing,
  • put the rubbish in the bin, 
  • put the cups and forks on the table at meal times
  • clean the table,
  • any small jobs that they can help the adult with or other siblings in their home.

If they find a job difficult what do they do?  Are they able to ask for help?


Make a list of jobs together for each day.  Ask your child what jobs that they could help with around the home.  Use your own system of reward for effort, attitude and willingness to complete tasks.


Let us know how they get on smiley