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A Message for Year 6 From Mrs Booker

Dear Year 6

Today (Monday 11th May 2020) would have been the start of SATs week. I know that some of you will be disappointed not to be sitting them, especially as you have worked so hard in preparation. But I wanted to remind you that;

· You will always be far more than a SAT level to me.

· The SATs, although one way of showing what you can do, are by no means the only way.

· The SATs don't recognise your love of learning or how talented you are or what a brilliant friend you are to others. Nor do they dictate how the rest of your life will turn out. They are merely a snapshot of a moment in time.

So instead this week look back and celebrate all that you have achieved and look forward to the amazing things you still have to come. I think you are all St Mary’s superstars Year 6 and I am incredibly proud of you all.

Mrs Booker