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Message for Year 6

Dear Year 6 Children,

We hope you are all well and enjoying this time with your families. It is a very important time for you as you prepare to leave primary school and move along on your journey to secondary school. Sadly, we cannot be together and have our usual celebrations due to the current situation. However, we would still like to celebrate your time at St Mary’s by making a ‘Leavers 2020’ video.

Please follow the instructions below and email your finished pieces to no later than Friday 19th June 2020

  1. Firstly, Write a 500 word review of your time at St Mary’s. Make sure it is your very best work and ensure it is neat, interesting and punctuated accurately.

How was your first day?

What were your highlights?

Who were your favourite teachers? Why?

What memories do you have?

How has being at St Mary’s prepared you for life at present and in the future?

What were your most memorable lessons, times, activities, trips etc?

What friends do you have? What memories have you shared?


  1. Next, send any photos you may have of your time at St Mary’s. This can be any time from nursery to year 6. If you do not have any please do not worry Miss Swords is collecting as many as she can around school.


  1. Then, choose your favourite parts of your writing to talk about. Write it out as a little script and learn it (just like you would if it was your leaver’s assembly). Then ask someone to help you make a short video of you saying your favourite memories from your time at St Mary’s. You can make it as funny, serious or entertaining as you wish. Finally, email it to the email address given.

  Please ensure your videos are recorded in landscape

We will put all of you videos together and add some touches of our own to celebrate what an amazing group of children you are.

We look forward to seeing your videos.



Miss Swords/ Mrs Winters and all of the year 6 staff