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Monday 7th September 2020

Monday 7th September 2020


Dear Parents/Carers


The children have made an incredible start back to school and have followed the procedures and protocols in place exceptionally well. The reception and nursery children were amazing this morning and so grown up. Parents and Carers should be proud of how they have started their school journey.


Children are working hard in their pods and it is clear from many of the children’s work that parents have been extremely supportive to home schooling over the past few months. We are assessing and addressing any gaps.  Mentors are available to support any children who might find the transition back into school difficult but so far everyone has settled well.


Our attendance last week was brilliant with only 13 absences – around 3%. Whilst attendance is crucial, and the government are keen to ensure that all children are back in school every day, we do understand that illness occasionally happens.  Please do not send your child to school if they display any symptoms of Co-Vid19 and arrange for a test to be taken. If your child suffers from vomiting please do not send them back to school until 48 hours after the last bout of vomiting.  Please ensure that you keep the school informed of any absence. Our attendance officer will contact you if school have not been kept informed on a daily basis. Please be aware that if school is repeatedly unable to contact you a home visit may be made. The government expectation is that all children attend school and are no longer making allowances for parental concerns around Co-Vid19. Please do let us know if you or your child is worried about Co-vid19 and school attendance so that we can offer support. Thank you for your continued support in this matter.


Lunchtimes have been successful with children playing in their own zone and eating in class.  These are staggered in the same way as the start and end to the school day. Please aim to arrive a couple of minutes before your child’s start/end time in order to allow the staggered system to be effective. Congestion caused by children arriving too early may result in the school having to increase times between slots.  If you have children who start/end at different times please wait between times on the small playground or around the edge of the playground until your allocated time in order to avoid congestion. Parents/carers should line up when collecting children, using the socially distanced markers to ensure that everyone can receive their child quickly and safely.


Wrap around care is currently not possible as we do not have the staff or space to support the number of pods that would be required to avoid pods mixing. We are aware that this is a service that many parents rely on and will resume the service when we can safely do so.  We have spoken to a private provider who may have spaces, please contact the school office for the contact details if you are still looking for childcare.


Thank you for sending the children in looking so smart.

Yours sincerely


Mrs Booker