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Good morning children. Today we will continue our introduction with Alive in 5! 

We will then move onto comparing mass - heavier and lighter than.

Please watch the video carefully and refer to the activity after. 

Option 1, Heavy and Light

Option 1, Heavy or Light explained.

Referring to the above, on some paper record children's ideas about things

which are heavy and things which are light. Children can draw heavy and light

pictures or write a list of heavy and light things.

Option 2, Weight Ordering

Option 2, Weight Ordering Guide, explained.

Use the guide above to order objects. On A4 paper on the left hand side write the

word 'light' and on the right side of the paper write the word 'heavy.' Discuss light

and heavy things and put them into the correct order form the lightest to the heaviest. 

You can discuss these objects and draw pictures or write the name of the objects or take

a photo of the objects you have put in order.