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Number Work, optional activities

Number Work

Children can you please continue to practise number formation. Remember to write them correctly with a clear space between each number. You can choose one of the options below or have a go at them all.


Option 1

Let's practise.....

Can you identify the missing numbers? Write these numbers on some paper and children to write the missing numbers.

0, 1 , ___,  3,  __,  5,

___, 1, 2, ___, 4, ___, 6.


Let's count backwards.

5, ___, ___, 2, ___, 0

___, 5,___, 3, ___, 1, ___




Option 2, I spy and count to 5

Option 3, Goldilocks counting

Option 4, Goldilocks and her adventure, one less than

Option 5, Goldilocks and her adventure, one less than

Last term children were learning all about one less than and 1 more than. Let's see what you remember children. The objects and presented in a five frame. You can write the number of objects you can see and then write what is one less than this number. Discuss with children one less than, take 1 away.


This activity can be extended, you could ask children to write number 6.

Can children tell you what is one less than 6.