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Religious Education

Religious Education at St. Mary's Church of England Primary Academy and Nursery enables every child to flourish and to live in all its fullness. (John 10:10)


Our RE Curriculum, has a balance of both the study of Christianity and of other world faiths, reflecting the community we serve. Our Christian units follow the scheme of 'Understanding Christianity' which is supported by 'The Emmanuel Project' which are used for the teaching of other world faith units, thus making our curriculum inclusive, invitational and inspirational.


Our pupils' learning engages with the three disciplines of: Theology, Philosophy and Social Science. This balanced approach allows our pupils to delve deep into the traditions and scriptures that make up religions, explore the big questions of life and reflect on how religion and faith can shape their lives and others.



Theology - Believing


The study of religious belief and worldviews and where they come from.​


Philosophy - Thinking


Asking important questions about reality, existence, morality and ethics.​


Social Science - Living


Exploring the diverse ways in which people practise their beliefs and worldviews. Looking at the impact of beliefs on individuals, communities and societies. ​