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Our new history topic  will be looking at History Beyond 1066. In particular we will be looking at wars throughout history and exploring how warfare has changed over time. Task 1, find out why 1066 is a significant date in British history. 

Create your own timeline showing the key events in British History. Include conflicts throughout history.

Week Beginning Monday 11th January 2021

Topic 1 The Battle of Hastings

Create an information page all about the Battle of Hastings. 
Go through the powerpoint and learn all about the Bayeux Tapestry, then complete the task below. 

 Now that you have learnt all about the Battle of Hastings, imagine that you were a surviving soldier (from either the Saxon or the Norman army), write a diary entry recalling your experiences. Remember to describe the lead up to the battle - what did you wear - what weaponry did you have  - how did you get to the battle site - how did you feel?

Talk about what you did to prepare to defend/attack. Talk about your experiences during the battle. Finally, what was your life like after the battle? 


Include Bayeux Tapestry inspired illustrations. 



Topic 2: The English Civil War


Look at the power point below: create a timeline of events from the English Civil War. 


English Civil War Powerpoint

1. Mapping Sheet - explain what happened during each Civil War battle.

2. Timeline Images - use the images to help you to create your own English Civil War timeline. You can draw your own images or download, print and cut and stick the images provided. 

3. Cavaliers and Roundheads - use this sheet to help you to draw and label a Cavalier and a Roundhead Soldier. You can draw your own or download, print, cut and stick. Can you find out why the soldiers were called Cavaliers and Roundheads?