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Hello Year 3,


As our English theme this week is Poetry, I thought it would be interesting to explore a local poet that also writes in a similar style to James Berry; Standard English mixed with West Indian Patoi



His name is Benjamin Zephaniah. He is of particular interest because he was born and raised in our local community of Handsworth!



Benjamin Zephaniah is one of Britain’s most famous poets. 



His first book of poetry for children, called Talking Turkeys, had to go into an emergency reprint after just 6 weeks, no one could foreseen how popular the book would be, it went to the top of the children’s book list and stayed there for months! 



Here he is reading a selection of his poems, which poem is your favourite? 

Sit back and enjoy listening to themsmiley.


When you have finished please complete the comprehension.



Benjamin Zephaniah - Talking Turkeys

Benjamin Zephaniah - I Love My Mother

Benjamin Zephaniah - A Day In The Life Of Danny The Cat

Benjamin Zephaniah - Imagine Nation

I particularly like this poem as it's linked to ambitions, dreams and goals. It is saying that the possibilities are endless and we can be the best we can very be if we free our minds.

Benjamin Zephaniah - British

I like the British poem because it shows what a diverse country we are and also gives us an insight into our country's history. It also reminds me of the poem 'People Equal' that we learnt about earlier on in the week.