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Hebrews 12:14-Peace

Make every effort to live in peace with everyone and to be holy; without holiness no one will see the Lord.


Listen to the story 'Five Minutes Peace' by Jill Murphy. While you watch and listen, think carefully about why the main character needs peace and what peace means to you.

5 minutes Peace

by Jill Murphy - Read by Miss Kate Rendall

What do you think peace means?  When do we need peace? Why do we all need peace? Where do we find peace? I wonder if you have found a quite spot in your house where you are able to find peace? 


We often need peace when we are tired and need some rest, when we need to think about something or when we need to talk to someone about something important. Do you have a place in your home and at school where you can find peace if you need it?


Some people want to be peaceful when they talk to God. It is important to remember that we can talk to God anywhere and at any time. No matter how busy or noisy we are, God is always there to talk with us and is always ready to listen!


Time for reflection

Where do we go when we need to find peace? 

Do we need to find peace at the moment? Is there an action we can take to help us to find peace?


Dear God,
Thank you for the times when I need to be peaceful and can find peace.
Please be with people who are scared, tired or troubled and cannot find the peace they need.
Please help me to try hard to keep the peace and avoid unnecessary upset and hurt.
Thank you that you are always there for me, whether I am peaceful or not!

Peace Like A River | Kids Worship Motions with Lyrics | CJ and Friends

Our hymn on the theme of peace is Peace Like a River. Join in with the actions!