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Story Time

HI Children, it isn't showing anyone in the waiting room so I can't tell if it isnt working or you are all not joining today. I am sorry if you are joining, but as it clearly isn't working. I will see you all on Monday xxx 

Sorry children I am having some trouble with zoom on my laptop today. I am trying to fix it. 


Try this meeting please 

Meeting ID: 731 2440 5816
Passcode: AktWR0

Hello Children,


Our zoom story time today will be at 2.15. 


Meeting: 743 317 1870

Password: 3z3z85




Miss Swords xxx heart



Hello Children,  


The next Y6 story time will be on Tuesday 2nd March  at 2.15 with Miss Swords.

The details will be posted here by 1pm on Tuesday.

Hope you can all take part.


Love from

Mrs Winters and Miss Swords