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For our Jigsaw lesson this week we will be looking at National Empathy week. 


Empathy Week - a global annual education program that uses the power of film to inspire, engage and empower young people into empathetic action. Ensuring every child has the opportunity to become a conscious and empathic leader - leaving school as part of the #EmpathyGeneration.


Empathy is the skill that underpins all other skills - it’s vital to every person’s success.

During Empathy Week, students will embark on a learning adventure packed with 5 real-life cinematic stories. With empathy at the core, they will participate in active-discussions around social issues and then take on their own Empathy in Action project. Changing our world for good.


This year’s theme is ‘Resilience and Diversity’ - celebrating the stories of 5 people from a diverse range of backgrounds and exploring their journeys of resilience and empathy. Their amazing stories speak of racism, grief, mental health, stereotypes, being a refugee as well as leadership, entrepreneurship, resilience, the power of people, sport, music and empathy.

Building The Empathy Generation (Empathy Week)

Being Unique - Shu's Story


Shu talks about how her lunch was different to all of her friends. At first, this meant she felt like she didn’t fit in. However, when she shared her lunch with someone, they both learnt a lot about each other through their differences. Give each pupil a paper plate or draw a circle outline on a piece of paper. Ask them to choose three food items that represent something about themselves. They could be a favourite food, something that reminds them of an important person, place or occasion or something that is representative of where they are from e.g. a national dish. Once the pupils have drawn their items, encourage them to “share their lunch” with another pupil. When they exchange plates, they can share the stories behind the items and find out more about each other.



Use the whiteboard to play the muted film snippet. Ask the pupils to look carefully and copy Shu’s movements: her body position, her gestures and her facial expressions. Complete this exercise a couple of times before discussing with the pupils. How do they think Shu felt in this moment? How did she show these feelings with her body? How did you feel when you moved your body in the same way as Shu?



What if you were sharing your lunch with Shu? What questions would you ask her?