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Lesson 1: To find out when and how seaside holidays became popular.

Explain that going to the seaside for a holiday hasn’t always been something that people
did. Go through the information on the slides explaining how and when seaside holidays became popular during the Victorian era.

Choose either worksheet 3A or 3B to complete. Children to read the Information
Sheet and then complete the sentences, using the words in the word box on worksheet 3A. If you choose worksheet 3B, children to answer questions. Work can be completed in homework books.

Lesson 2: To find out what seaside holidays were like 100 years ago.

Go through the information on the slides about why seaside holidays started becoming popular in Victorian times. Show some pictures on the slides of seaside holidays between 1900 and 1920. What can you see in these pictures?
•Go through the information on the slides about what seaside holidays at this time were like, e.g. bathing suits, Punch and Judy shows, carousels, donkey rides, etc. How many of these things would we still do on a beach holiday?

Practical Activity

Ask your child to draw or paint a picture to show what a seaside holiday would have been like 100 years ago.