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Today children we need to help the Bears from our story this week, Goldilocks and the Three Bears. 


Option 1

Can you draw some cups and show the amount of water in them or you could get some cups and put some water in them.

Daddy Bear is very thirsty and would like a full cup of water.

Mummy Bear is not very thirsty and would like only half a cup of water.

Ow No! Baby bear has already had all of his water and now his cup is all empty.

If you are going to draw your cups can you label them underneath showing us which Bear the cup belongs to.

Option 2


Can you build new beds or chairs for the Three Bears. You can use lego, building blocks or

building bricks or anything similiar you have at home.

Alternatively, you can draw them too. Which bed would be the heaviest?

Which bed would be the lightest?