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WB 11.01.21

Welcome to our home learning this week.  I hope you are all ok?  Below is a copy of our timetable this week and all our lessons.  You can complete your learning by either printing out the worksheet, or else completing the work in your homework book.  Don't forget to email it to us at  



Week Two Timetable


Lesson One Lesson Two Lesson Three Lesson Four  


Maths English Geography Phonics  
Tuesday Maths English RE Phonics  
Wednesday Maths English PE Phonics  
Thursday Maths English Geography Phonics  
Friday Maths Spelling Test/Reading Geography Phonics  


Hope the home learning is going well? Since we are not in school, I have decided to share a novel with you.  It is a book called 'Little Legends' and it is by Tom Pervical.  Everyday, I will read a chapter.  Hope you enjoy it! x