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Week Beginning Monday 8th February 2021


Our Garden of Dreams and Goals


LI: To work out the learning steps needed to reach goals and to understand how to be motivated to work hard to achieve these steps.


Activity 1:

If you were an animal - what would you be? Think about the strengths your animal might have. Complete the sentence: if I were an animal, I would be....... because....

Think about whether you have any of those strengths already. 


Activity 2: 

Look at your list of goals that you made for last lesson: make a list of what you need to do to achieve those goals. What skills will you need? What steps will you need to take to reach your goal? How can you break down your goal into manageable steps?  How will you know if you have achieved your goal? What does your goal say about you?


Decide how you are going to present your information: you could use a totem pole design- your steps on the pole, with your goal at the top for example. You could also use a ladder design - your steps on each rung, with your goal at the top. 

Week Beginning 25.1.21

Dreams and Goals

LI: To know my learning strengths and set challenging, but realistic goals for myself and understand why it is important to stretch the boundaries of my current learning.


Task 1: 

Make a list of all of the children in your class and write a complement about each one.


Task 2:

Make a list of your strengths - for example: dance, cooking, sewing, caring, computing, drawing, writing etc). 


Task 3: 

Try to find a story to read in which one character tries to achieve their dream - for example Goal by Michael Foreman. What does the character need to do to achieve their dream?

Task 4:

Set yourself two goals: one needs to be a goal based on school learning and the other based on something outside of the school curriculum. 


Task 5

Think about a time when you have been proud of an achievement. Write a diary entry all about it.