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Hello Year 4!

In your Maths learning, everyone is to do the 'Yr 4' work! You can complete your work on paper and take a picture to send through to us,  print off the worksheets and take a picture to send through to us or complete your work on a word document and email it over to 


This week you have been learning about Area. Today's activity is slightly different to the usual! You have spent the week learning all about area and now you will use these skills to help you to work through a range of word problems. Use the PPT's from during the week to help you should you find any question difficult, identify what the question is asking you to do first. Is it asking to count the squares or make a shape or compare area? Once you have done this, you can refer back to the lesson during the week where you learnt about this and have a look at the PPT to remind you of how to work this out. 

TIP: Don't forget when working out area, the THREE STEPS!

1. Find the length and width of the quadrilateral.

2. Multiply them together.

3. Include your units.

Below are two sets of word problems. One is just about area, and the other is about area and perimeter!  If you want a challenge try completing both - Good luck!