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Spelling Test

Remember to keep practising your spelling words.  Ask someone in your household to test you! If you are unsure which words to practise, have a look in your homework book.  If you are still unsure send us an email at


On Friday, I will post a video of our spelling test.  You can either mark your own spellings at the end of the video or else ask someone in your household to help.  Remember to email your scores to


Group One

1. car

2.  start

3.  park

4.  arm

5.  garden

6.  artist

7.  star

8.  are

9.  were

10.  our


Group Two

1.  play

2.  way

3.  boy

4.  enjoy

5.  annoy


Group Three

1.  oy

2.  ir

3.  ue

4.  aw

5.  girl 

Watch the video below for your weekly spelling test.  Once you have marked your test, with the help from someone in your house, email your score to  Good luck!