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Week Beginning 11.1.21


Our new topic will be Evolution and Inheritance. Living things have changed over time and are still changing. Can you find out about some living things that used to inhabit the earth, but are now extinct? Task 1, draw some annotated diagrams to record your research.

Activity Sheet Living Fossils

Activity Sheet Living Fossils (Word)

Activity Sheet Missing transitional form

Week Beginning 18.1.21


Work through the power point, completing all of the tasks. Send an email to let us know that you have completed all of your work. 
Week Beginning 25.1.21

Information to for parents to support learning

Adaptive Traits Activity Sheet. Either print and complete or draw your own grid and pictures

Week Beginning 1.2.21

Work through the power point to learn about the Theory of Evolution.

Write a biography about one of the scientists we have been learning about. Use the template (above) to help you to organize your biography writing. 
Week Beginning 8.2.21

Evidence for Evolution; work through the power point to find out all about scientific evidence.

Remember that you do not need to print any material - it will be useful to read for information and to look at in terms of creating a template for your own work. Email if you have any problems. 

Week Beginning Monday 22nd February

Light Travels in a Straight Line

Week Beginning Monday 1st March
Week Beginning Monday 8th March
Our Eyes