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Hello Year 4! This week you will be looking at Empathy Week!



Empathy is the ability to understand other people’s feelings and connect with them.

Empathy is the ability to connect to other people’s feelings and perspectives in a meaningful way. Empathy is a human SUPER POWER. Our brains help us to understand what people are feeling, THEN they can work out how someone else sees the world, AND FINALLY we can decide how we react and what we DO next. 



Building The Empathy Generation (Empathy Week)

Teaching empathy is not enough. We're empowering young people to turn their compassion into action. Creating the future empathic and conscious leaders of the...

 Today we will explore resilience, friendship and empathy via one man’s story of

being a refugee and seeking asylum in the UK. Find out the meaning of the three highlighted words and write it down!


Today you are learning about Habib. Habib was born in Afghanistan but had to run away from his home many times due to war and being badly treated. He now lives in London. Habib has experienced some extremely difficult times but maintains his belief that we can all form positive relationships.


 Feelings Check-In | Self-Empathy

Focus your attention on how you are feeling today. Close your eyes and picture

yourself having a happy time with your friends. What does that feel like? How does that

feel in their bodies? Can they match a colour to that feeling?