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Hello year 5,


Hope you have had a lovely half term and you are ready for more maths. It was good to see that so many of you sent in your work. Well done.


We are going to continue with the theme of fractions and look at improper fractions. There are two videos one is called ‘Mathsnatics’ and the other one is the video that you are a costumed to watching. We have used both videos to support you with your learning as both of them have the same theme but slightly different methods to work out answers. You decide which method is better for you and apply it to the questions.


We want all children to answer all questions on the work sheet.

Have a go.


We look forward to seeing our work.

Miss Sullvarna-Hall and Miss Hira

Spr5.4.5 - Improper fractions to mixed numbers

Math Antics - Mixed Numbers