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Spelling Test

Have you practised your spelling words for this week?  Play the video for your group and see how many words you can spell correctly and then email us your results.  

Here are your spelling words for this week.  Please remember to practise these words.  If you are unsure which words you need to practise, have a look in your homework book.  If you are still unsure, send an email to and we will let you know.


On Friday, I will post a video for our spelling test.  You can either mark your own spellings or ask someone in your house to help you.  Then send your test results to  


Group One

1. better

2. under

3. summer

4. winter

5. sister

6. rubber

7. her

8. term

9. verb

10. person


Group Two

1.  goal

2.  coach

3.  grow

4.  toe

5.  goes


Group Three

1.  wh

2.  ph

3.  ew

4.  oe

5.  au