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Option 2, Toy Shop, Adding More

Children to practise the maths concept of adding more using this lovely toy shop activity. Each shelf has a number of toys on and children follow the instruction to add a given number of toys to the shelf and count how many they have altogether. 

You do not need to print this activity. Discuss with children how many more do we need to add. Now how many do we have altogether? Can you write this number.


How can I develop the concept of adding more further?

You could continue to explore adding more further using a toy shop theme. Here are some ideas you could try: 


  • Set up a toy shop and ask children to place some toys on a shelf and add more.
  • Place some toys in a row and count them. Cover some up. Encourage children to explore how many are hiding. 
  • Use a dolls house and encourage children to put different numbers of dolls in the house and talk about how many they have each time they add more.
  • You could also do this with cars or animals on a farm.