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School Meals


We are pleased to say that we will be able to provide hot meals for the children, on a trail basis, after half term. This will replace the current choice of sandwiches.


The meals will be delivered to classrooms. In order to ensure that we are following government guidelines and avoiding unnecessary contact between pods, the children will continue to eat in their classrooms and strict cleaning routines will continue to be adhered to.


The children will be asked to make a choice on what meal they would like; in the same way that they currently choose their sandwich filling.
There will be two options for children to choose from and a vegetarian option for those who require one. The menus will be available below on Thursday 22rd October




To provide the correct amount of hot lunches, at this present time, your child will not be able to switch from home sandwiches to hot school dinners, as they previously could, throughout the week. You will also not be able to choose dinners for selective days for example, pizza days. If you wish your child to change to dinner or home sandwiches this must be done in writing, can only be done on a Monday and will be for the whole week. 



Money should be in a sealed envelope clearly marked with your child’s name and class, the amount and what the money is for.  Dinner money should be given to the class teacher at registration on Monday morning.  If your child has been absent, dinner money may be brought in on return to school.  Please send the correct amount.


Currently all children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 are currently entitled to universal free school meals. If you believe that you are entitled to free school meals for your child, irrespective of universal free school meals, please see the school office so that you do not have to pay for meals even if your child is in KS2.


Dinner money payments must be kept up to date or a packed lunch will need to be provided until all arrears paid.