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Lesson 1: To be able to order seaside holidays in chronological order.

Show three photos from seaside holidays from different eras. Which of these was the longest ago? Which of these is the most recent? Which is in the middle? How do you know? Show another set of three pictures. Which of these photos was taken around 100 years ago? Which was taken around 50 years ago? Which was taken very recently? discuss ideas then check on the slides. repeat with next slides. work through the slides.


Provide your child with the Picture Cards. Children to organise the photos into three groups, 100 years ago, 50 years ago or today. As they do this, encourage your child to think about how they know which picture goes into each group.

Or using worksheets 5A and 5B, provide your child with access to the internet and ask them to find out what outfits at this time looked like. Then colour in each costume in an appropriate design. Children to label each outfit: 100 years ago; 50 years ago; today.

Lesson 2: To be able to identify similarities and differences between seaside holidays now and in the past.

Show the photo of a seaside holiday from the past on the slides. How would this photo look different if it was taken today? How many things about seaside holidays can you think of that are the same today as they would have been 100 years ago?
How many things about seaside holidays can you think of that are different today to how they would have been 100 years ago? 
Look for similarities and differences between the two.

Children to sort pictures of things you will see at the seaside under the headings Past, Both and Present.