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The Geographical Association have produced these wonderful activity maps, so that you and your family can enjoy a range of hands-on geographical activities that require minimum use of screens and/or paper. You will be able to do lots of these activities independently! 



Click on each title to link to the activity map or download the pdfs from the bottom of the page.


Exploring my home

Ask pupils to make a physical map of their local area, consider what it is like and how it could be changed for the better.


Mapping my home

Ask pupils to create a model of the layout (plan view) of their home and think about what they would change if they could.


My landscape

Challenge pupils to use their garden or home as a scaled down version of a broader landscape and plan a journey across it.


My microclimate

Direct pupils to investigate and map the differences between the different spaces around their home and garden.


My room

Instruct pupils to create an imaginary landscape in their bedroom and think about what they might find happening across it’s physical and human elements.


Outside my window

Encourage pupils to make detailed observations of what they ‘see’ everyday and what might cause that view to change.


Go global at home

Set pupils off on a global scavenger hunt in their home and then challenge them to cook a meal using ingredients from  around the world.


Going out to geog

Encourage pupils to plan a range of exercise routes around their homes and whilst they then get active help them notice the world around them.



Use a range of practical ideas to enable pupils to think about water in their homes and beyond.